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Set up online payments with Terminal

Learn how to set up online payments and get access to true global payments.
April 19, 2020
terminal app

Setting up online payments with Terminal is a piece of cake. By default, Terminal settles all merchants in their local currency e.g. a merchant in Nigeria will receive local and international payments in Naira to their Naira bank bank account. We also provide integrations for accepting payments with Paypal on demand, so please reach out to our customer support at if you need assistance with this feature.

Part 1: Link a Nigerian Bank Account

Step 1: Log in to Dashboard

Step 2: Visit Payments

Step 3: Confirm Account

Part 2: International Payments via Stripe

Coming soon...

Paypal Payments

Paypal payments are currently available on demand, so please reach out to a member of our customer support team at if you need assistance.