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Setting product prices using the Webflow Editor

A step guide to help you set prices for products on your store using the Webflow Content Editor.
July 22, 2018
terminal app

Step 1: Access the editor via your website URL

Any collaborator can access the Editor for their website by adding /?edit to the end of their website URL in the browser address bar (e.g.,

Step 2: Find product under Collections tab

Find a product by navigating to the products collection using the main navigation menu.

Step 3a: Set default retail price.

In the Retail Price section enter a price for the default variant of your product. This price is used when the product is displayed in your store.

Step 3b: Set price for product variants

Once the default price for a product is set, you need to set the price for variants of the product. Product variants are different types of a particular product. Products could be differentiated by size, weight, etc. In the example below, products are differentiated by weight in grams. e.g. 50g, 100g, etc.

To set prices for different variants, simply type in the variant name separated by a ' - ', followed by the price for that variant. Vairant prices must be separated by commas. See the image below to see how to correctly enter the prices for product variants. For consistency, the first variant price should match the default price entered in Step 3a of this tutorial.

NB: It is very important to follow the syntax for entering variant prices as described in the image below. Failure to follow the syntax will make the prices appear incorrectly on your store, which creates a poor experience for your customers.

Step 4b (Optional): Set sale price if product is on sale.

If a product is on sale, you have the option to set the alternative prices for the product. Before setting sale prices, remember to turn on the Sales switch indicated using the first red dot in the image below. Once the switch is turned on, you can set the sales price for variants of the product following the same pattern used in Step 3b of this guide.

Step 5: Save product and publish.

Once your prices are set, simply save the product by clicking on the green Save button at the top right of your screen. To publish changes to the store, simply click on the publish option and the new prices will be available on your store front.