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What to do when I receive a new order?

Simple guide on how to navigate terminal when you receive an order.
February 16, 2018
terminal app

Step 1: Receive order notification email from Terminal.

It's important to take note of the order reference number or customer email. You can use
either to look up the order in Terminal or the payment reference with your payment provider
(Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, Payant or Rave). For the most part, all the important information related to an order will be included in the order notification that is emailed to you.

See a sample order notification in the screenshot below:

Step 2:

Visit Terminal and Login to access your dashboard.

Step 3:

Once on the dashboard, use the main navigation menu on the left side of the screen to navigate to the 'Orders' section. Here you will find a list of all your orders starting with the most recent order.

View of Terminal Real-Time Dashboard.

Step 4: Find your order

Orders can be found by scrolling through the list. Once found, click the order reference link to view the order information. If the order is not visible on the list, select the find order button at the top of the page, and use the search bar, to look up the order reference number or customer email. If the order is still not visible, please contact a member of staff using the support option on your menu.

Find an order using the search bar.

Step 5: Fulfill Orders

On the order page, you will find all the information relating to an order. The main action on the page 'Fulfill Order' allows you to let your customers know when their order has shipped. You have the option of adding a tracking number to the order before you fulfill an Order. If you're adding a tracking number, you should update that record before fulfilling the order.

‍Order page displaying information for an order.

Fulfill order confirmation, required after fulfill order action is triggered.

The Products ordered are displayed at the bottom of the page. While the customer's contact information, along with shipping address is displayed on the right. Payment information for the order including the payment provider is displayed at the top centre of the screen. If any store discounts have been applied to the order, that information will also be displayed.

Once your order is fulfilled, we let your customers know their order has shipped, and that's all you have to do to complete a sale.