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What to do when I receive a new order? (Suppliers Edition)

We're testing out a new feature that allows store owners to operate marketplace like models with their online stores.
October 31, 2018
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This post provides a simple walk-through of how the order process works when your store has registered product suppliers. The example store used already has suppliers registered, so the supplier registration process is not demonstrated here.

Step 1: Customer places an order on your online store.

When an order is placed by a customer, Terminal records details of the order and sends out an email notification to the store owner. It also checks which suppliers are related to the order and sends them notifications describing which products were ordered. Figure 1 illustrates this process.

Step 2: Top Up Paystack Balance

Payments received from orders are settled to your bank account within 24 hours. Once you receive a payment to your bank account, you should add the total amount due to suppliers to your Paystack balance. For steps on how to top up your Paystack balance, see this short guide: Paystack Topup Feature.

Step 3: Pay Suppliers

Once you're certain the correct amount has been added to your balance, paying your suppliers is straight forward. Go to the Suppliers section of the Terminal Dashboard.

  1. Select the supplier you wish to pay.
  2. Locate the order that you wish to pay the supplier for and click the Details for supplier link.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the supplier's order page, and click the Pay Supplier button.
  4. Confirm payment.

Once you confirm the payment, Terminal will deduct the correct amount for that supplier from your Paystack balance and pay them to their bank account.